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A Story Of Persevearance

Whenever I wanted to achieve something in life really bad, I had to work for it and put my all into it. I realized quickly talent alone was not enough. I was not given anything. I failed over and over until I started winning, my perseverance and belief in my abilities and potential made me strive.
Wether it was becoming a professional level road cyclist or an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. I started losing, I got dropped and even overlappe; It took me three years to win my first race. In bodybuilding, I won my first overall at my 11th bodybuilding show. I turned Pro at my 20th show (2020, North Americans). I had to figure out the HOW, WHY, WHEN and WHAT to make myself a good athlete which is why my clients acn yield so much benefit from my coaching. Most imporantly, I keep being very studious, learning is a never-ending process. I have been a Personal Trainer since 2013 and contest prep (online and offline) coach (individual and interactive diet, supplementation and training planning) since 2014. I helped athletes win Pro-Cards in natural bodybuilding as well as in the IFBB and, I also have been working/training with people for rehab, general health, age reversal, hypertrophy, fat loss etc. in all kinds of fields (from hobby to professional and even world champions).

I am an Austrian and German citizen, have lived in Germany until 2019 and speak English, German and French. And a little bit Italian, as well. I have great relationships with all my clients and we always also have fun and generally a good time!

I TRULY specialize in

Health and Hormone optimization through diet, supplements and/or therapy
by analyzing (and improving) blood work, behavioral patterns and lifestyle choices.


Bio-Age diagnostics and rejuvination coaching


Bodybuilding, hypertrophy, contest preparation and offseason

Personalized Nutrition plans (with constant individual adjustments, and according to client‘s lifestyle)

Personalized training plans (with constant individual adjustments, and according to client‘s lifestyle)


another expertise and field that I work in is evidence based product development for dietary supplements

My coaching provides 24/7 messenger exchange



"(...)best coach! Pounding everything out of me (...) I have never trained like this, very specific in exercise choice, very controlled and focused on mind-muscle-connection. Makes sure all the pressure is on the muscle, not the joints. Great intensity and muscle contraction (...) brings you to the next level."

Helle Trevino - 2x IFBB world champion women's bodybuilding


"He is brilliant. I love him. He is studious. He applies his knowledge to his trainings and nutrition."

Mehran Ahrablou - Personal Trainer, top level tennis coach, Men's Physique Athlete

Screenshot 2021-07-11 at 12-14-06 Douglas Fruchey Coach ( douglasfruchey) auf Instagram •

"The mad scientist"

Ahmad Clayton - Personal Trainer of the Pros, long time protégé of Charles Glass

Dalibor V.

I put Dali through a legworkout- before he has been training for years with a trainer already. I showed him some techniques and tweaks and improved his form. Here is what he had to say afterwards.

IFBB Pro Dr. Thomas Connelly

This is Thomas' testimonial after a back training we performed the prior day. He also said the my techniques and approach to chest training have revolutionized his mind muscle connection and activation.

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World Champ Helle Trevino

Hear what she had to say after working with me for a few weeks, daily.


Josh's feedback after his very first session with me in April 2021.


Manuel's feedback after a while of Online Coaching.




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