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a story of persevearance

Whenever I wanted to achieve something in life really, really bad, I had to work for it and put my all into it- as my talent alone was not enough. I was not given anything. I failed over and over until I started winning, my perseverance and belief in my abilities and potential made me strive.
Wether it was becoming a professional level road cyclist or an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. I started losing, I got dropped and even lapped, it took me three years to win my first race. In bodybuilding I won my first overall at my 10th bodybuilding show. I turned Pro in my 20th show (2020, North Americans). I had to figure out the HOW and WHY and WHEN and WHAT in bodybuilding to make myself a good athlete and also others. And I keep being very studious, learning is a never-ending process. I have been a Personal Trainer since 2013 and contest prep (online and offline) coach (individual and interactive diet, supplementation and training planning) since 2014, helped athletes win Pro-Cards in natural bodybuilding and the IFBB and been working/training with people for rehab, general health, hypertrophy, fat loss etc. in all kinds of fields (from hobby to Professional and even world class).

I am an Austrian and German citizen (won’t need a sponsorship though), have lived in Germany until 2019 and speak English, German and French. And a little bit Italian, as well. I have great relationships with all my clients and we always also have fun and generally a good time!

I TRULY specialize in

Health and Hormone optimization through diet, supplements and/or therapy
By analyzing (and improving) blood work, behavioral patterns and lifestyle choices.

Evidence based product development for dietary supplements

Personalized Nutrition plans (with constant individual adjustments, and according to client‘s lifestyle)

Personalized training plans (with constant individual adjustments, and according to client‘s lifestyle)

Bodybuilding, hypertrophy, Contest prep and offseason

My coaching provides 24/7 messenger exchange

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